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Yorkshire Cancer Patient Forum

People affected by cancer (by this we mean patients, carers, friends and relatives) have an important part to play in making a difference to how cancer services are designed, developed and delivered. They are the people who use or experience the service, treatment or care, and know what works and what doesn’t.

The Forum will look at cancer patient pathways and ‘journeys’ across Yorkshire, because many people have to go to more than one hospital to receive parts of their treatment, and therefore services can’t just be designed and developed on a very local basis. The Forum is also working with local hospital trusts, CCGs (who pay for cancer services) and organisations like Healthwatch, to make sure views are heard and what people tell us gets acted on.

People don’t need any specific skills or experiences to be involved with the Forum, as we believe that people affected by cancer are experts by their own experience. We just need you to come and help us make a difference for others locally, who will be going through the same things that you’ve been through, and perhaps you can help to improve things for them.


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We are very grateful to Macmillan for providing the funding for our website and ongoing support.

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