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We are making it a requirement for people wishing to actively use and contribute to this website to Register – so that we have some basic information about all our users, can confirm their ‘bona fide’ and minimise the potential for abuse. Once registered you will be set up as a website user and will be provided with a Username (your First Name) + your initial password. As a matter of general policy, we are encouraging the use of just First Names¬†throughout this website (with the addition of a Surname initial, if necessary). This is in order to maximise confidentiality, so far as we can – particularly for patients/carers + all those directly affected by cancer. It will be possible for you to update your Personal Profile and create a new Password as well as a ‘Nickname’ and Public Name that is even more anonymous – should you wish to do so (via an option on the dropdown list under your “Welcome + name” greeting that will appear at the top right corner of the website page when you log in).

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